Bathrobe with name
Baby bathrobes
What could be cuter than an embroidered bathrobe for your baby? There are already bathrobes for babies from 6 months and that in all kinds of different colors. We embroider the name for you on the back or chest side to make it completely personal and unique.
Children’s bathrobes
From toddler to teenager. Our children’s bathrobes can be found in all possible sizes. With hood or without hood and in many nice colors. Even duo colours are in our range of children’s bathrobes. Of course we are also happy to provide the children’s bathrobes with an embroidered name on the chest or on the back. From the same brand as our children’s bathrobes we also have bathrobes for adults and bath towels. So you can fully enjoy putting together sets for the whole family!
Bathrobes for adults
Soft terry bathrobes for adults are one of our bestsellers. There are models with a hood or a scarf collar and even different brands to choose from. Extra luxurious models in velour or just thin, airy waffle fabric are also part of the range.


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