Children’s apron with embroidered name




Child Apron with Safety Closure – Make Messes Fun and Personal

Our children’s aprons are designed not only to protect clothing but also to add joy and individuality to creative activities. Featuring a convenient safety closure at the neck and available in two sizes – 43 x 53 cm for ages 3-6 and 48 x 63 cm for ages 7-10 – they offer the perfect fit and protection for young artists.

Personalized with Embroidery for a Unique Touch

What makes these aprons truly special is the ability to personalize them. We embroider the child’s name on the front of the apron, giving them a unique sense of ownership over their creative space. Whether it’s for crafting, painting, or baking, this apron with a name makes the experience even more special.

Quality and Safety Combined

Child safety is our priority, which is why we’ve included a safety closure at the neck of the apron to ensure it can be easily opened in case of need. Our aprons are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand long-term use and frequent washing.

A Practical Gift with a Personal Touch

Whether you’re looking for a practical gift for a birthday, a holiday, or just to show a child how special they are, this child apron with a name is the perfect choice. It’s a gift that both parents and children will appreciate.

Make messes more fun and personal with our child apron with a safety closure. Order today and give a unique gift that encourages a child’s creativity while being practical and safe.


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